NIIRTANorthern Ireland Independent Retail Trade Association (UK)
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NIIRTA has also raised concerns over multiples' plans in Ballydare and Lame.
Glyn Roberts, NIIRTA chief executive said: "This is the last thing our hard pressed retail sector needs, particularly after a month of bad weather, un-gritted pavements and the drought.
NIIRTA chief executive Bryan Gray said: "At last the government has made those who can best afford to pay local taxes bear their fair share of the burden.
NIIRTA chief executive Brian Gray said he welcomed the Department of Regional Development's review, but added: "It is long overdue and is certain to take at least two years to complete and implement.
Glyn Roberts, chief executive of the NIIRTA, said: "This proposed closure programme is a complete shambles and in the case of six members makes no economic sense.
The major independent groups in Northern Ireland, such as Hendersons, JJ Haslett, Musgrave, Nisa and Costcutter, have already donated the necessary up front funding to get NIIRTA off the ground.
NIIRTA chief executive Brian Gray said: "This is the single most compelling proof that there is a severe competition problem.