NIISNonimmigrant Information System (US Immigration and Naturalization Service)
NIISNational Institute of Industrial Safety (UK Independent Administrative Institution)
NIISNorthshore International Insurance Services (Danvers, MA)
NIISNational Inhalants Information Service (Australia)
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The extra cost was $44 less than the figure estimated by the State Parliamentary Committee that had examined implementation of the NIIS in Queensland.
He said the State Parliamentary Committee that had examined the NIIS discussed a cost of $76 per vehicle for a hybrid NIIS model.
Today I can advise that we propose to implement an adjusted NIIS model at a net additional cost to CTP insurance of $32 per vehicle, Mr Pitt said.
At this cost, the NIIS in Queensland will be the most affordable scheme introduced nationally.
Mr Pitt said an all-party State Parliamentary Committee had examined the NIIS scheme and reported back on the schemes aim to fill the CTP gap in the state.
In 2013, the former Queensland Government along with all other states and territories except WA agreed to address the CTP gap through a new NIIS," Mr Pitt said.
Time is now critical and the government will need to decide which model provides the broadest benefit and I will be talking to the opposition and cross-bench MPs to hopefully secure bi-partisan support for legislation establishing the NIIS in our state.
The NIIS will later be extended to cover injuries in the work place, injuries from medical negligence cases, and general accidents in public places.
Together, the NDIS and NIIS will provide greater certainty for people with disability and their families that their reasonable care and support needs will be met over their lifetime, she said.
At this point it is not clear how the implementation of USVISIT will affect NIIS and the use of the I-94 forms.
87) NIIS is a mainframe system that stores arrival and departure information for nonimmigrants that is captured on the I-94 form.
113) Data systems discussed previously in this report that inspectors use include APIS, IBIS, INPASS NAILS, NIIS, NSEERS, and SEVIS, (all immigration); and ABI, ATS, AMS, BRASS, CAFES, FAST, PAPS, and TECS (all customs); and WADS (agriculture).