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NIJNational Institute of Justice
NIJNigerian Institute of Journalism (Nigeria)
NIJNew Invisible Joy (band)
NIJNetwork of Independent Journalists (est. 1993; Institute for Democracy in Eastern Europe)
NIJNorth Icelandic Jet (ocean current)
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We show that the NIJ constitutes approximately half of the total overflow transport and nearly all of the densest component," added Pickart.
A relatively small percentage of plates that would have met the NIJ standards are failing under the military testing protocols, he says.
Recently the US National Institution of Justice (NIJ) issued a letter stating that certain body armor models, which were previously found to be compliant with earlier NIJ body armor standards, may not adequately maintain ballistic performance during their service life.
But, the information provided by the NIJ has so little detail about factors such as wavelengths and power levels that it is impossible to judge how safe the new weapons might be
However, the NIJ could have continued to fund a smaller effort, involving fewer cities and perhaps annual rather than quarterly sampling efforts.
We worked with NIJ throughout, sending drafts and getting back comments," says Ennett.
In NIJ testing at Oregon Ballistic Laboratories in October of last year, Bourque's Level III stand-alone Kryron Terminator Armor System demonstrated its industry-leading multi-impact capabilities by defeating all six 7.
NIJ conducts research and development to improve the safety and effectiveness of correctional technology, provides technical assistance to people in the field, and serves as an information clearinghouse.
As a result, manufacturers are able to continue producing ballistic vests that comply with current NIJ submersion requirements.
The NIJ is testing the PHaSR in various scenarios, which may include prison situations as well as law enforcement.
Men participating in federally funded Serious and Violent Offender Reentry Initiative (SVORI) programs report needing education, general financial assistance, driver's licenses, job training and employment, an article in the National Institute of Justice's NIJ Journal said.
In another initiative, the NIJ tested iris scanning at three New Jersey schools to see whether the technology could help ensure that persons picking up students after school were authorized to do so.