NIJHNational Institute for Jewish Hospice (New York, NY)
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To be accredited by the NIJH, a hospice must undergo in-depth, on-site training of all employees and volunteers, Jewish and non-Jewish.
This opportunity to discuss the belief systems, customs, traditions and needs across the entire spectrum of Jewish faith with our colleagues and the thought leaders at NIJH was extremely helpful, and supportive of our VITAS values," stated Beth Burbank, Clinical Pastoral Education Supervisor for VITAS in Chicago.
The NIJH offers ongoing education and resources following certification through its consortium.
Although I've learned from colleagues, patients and families about Jewish traditions and customs throughout my career in hospice, the NIJH presentation provided a more formalized, comprehensive education about end-of-life care for people of the Jewish faith and allayed any hesitation.
Formal accreditation from NIJH offers reassurance to patients, families and the medical community regarding our qualifications to provide quality medical care and compassionate psycho-social-spiritual care and bereavement support to the Jewish community," said Susie Fishenfeld, RN, CHPN, senior general manager of VITAS' San Fernando Valley program.
To achieve accreditation from NIJH, a hospice program must undertake in-depth, on-site training for all Jewish and non-Jewish hospice program staff and volunteers.