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NIMBYNot In My Backyard
NIMBYNot in My Blue Yonder
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The best public forum is not a meeting with the NIMBY group; there is no point trying to get people who made exaggerated claims to admit they are wrong.
At NIMBY we're dedicated to improving organizations that serve so many - the working poor, victims of domestic violence, runaways, the elderly and ill, displaced families, and veterans," said Jacquelyn Aluotto, social activist and founder of The NIMBY Collective.
Pandering to NIMBY protesters is the worst thing a minister could, as Sylikiotis is already finding out.
While NIMBY groups may protest loud and proud, their motives often stem from misinformation and/or poor communication between project representatives and the community.
Keywords: NIMBY, land-use planning and environmental disputes, quality of life, healthy communities, collaborative planning
Since the average wind turbine can prevent the emission of 1,500 tons of carbon dioxide each year, with vast environmental benefits, I'm appalled at the NIMBY opposition to projects like Cape Wind in Massachusetts.
It is quite common for group homes of all sorts to spark opposition from residents before they open, but this is the only known NIMBY campaign against a battered women's shelter.
NIMBY ("not in my back yard") reactions show us that people are concerned about things that pollute close to home.
Issues that can crop up when looking at building or expanding on a site include the following: zoning; a NIMBY ("not in my backyard") reaction from neighboring property owners; accessibility; traffic; environmental issues; the distance to consuming markets; local, state and federal regulations; and the use of setbacks and other property visibility concerns.
The NIMBY ("not in my backyard") syndrome has long frustrated the efforts of policy makers, land use planners, and developers to site locally undesirable but socially beneficial facilities.