NIMCISNew Integrated Marines Communications and Information System (UK)
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NIMCIS will give the Dutch Marines these advantages, as well as enabling interoperability between the two allies in the UK/NL Amphibious Force.
General Dynamics UK has welcomed the NIMCIS contract as evidence that the company is strongly positioned to take advantage of export markets for its C4I capabilities.
NIMCIS will provide the RNLMC with a secure voice and data communications infrastructure capable of supporting a range of network-enabled command, control, communications, computing and intelligence systems.
The use of Harris HF radios will ensure reliable HF communications vital for the RNLMC," said Commander Henkelman, project leader for NIMCIS.
NIMCIS is a two-year programme to equip the Royal Netherlands Marine Corps (RNLMC) with the BOWMAN C4I system, which is being rolled out to the UK Armed Forces by General Dynamics UK Limited.
The NIMCIS system will enhance the capabilities of the Marine Corps, and provide them with the ability to continue to operate effectively in the digital age," said a spokesman for the RNLMC.