NIMENew Interfaces for Musical Expression
NIMENational Institute of Multimedia Education
NIMEInternational Workshop on Networking Issues in Multimedia Entertainment (IEEE)
NIMENightfall in Middle-Earth (Blind Guardian album)
NIMENot in My Experience
NIMENordic Institute for Missionary and Ecumenical Research (est. 1973)
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At its heart, NIME allows for the very precise delivery of ads to consumers and eliminates the annoying clutter of irrelevant ads that clog email inboxes.
The reality is that these days consumers only want relevant material and tune out everything else so NIME can deliver exactly what people want through a medium that works for them.
ADR was launched a year ago using an innovative and proprietary software solution called the Natural Intelligence Marketing Engine, or NIME, that has set a new industry standard for performance and return on investment.
Nimes is the gateway to the region, but with its Roman aqueduct, amphitheatre and temple as well as designer boutiques and superb food market, it is worthy of a visit in its own right.
Pondu Gard leads from Nimes to the mountains, where you can enjoy husky rides at The Mas de la Barque centre in Lozere
Paul hinnangul kajastub Vytamase nimes tAaAaAeA enAaAaAeAnoliselt sAaAaAeA natAaAaAeA vi viht Mida viht(a) kunagistes lAaAaAeAnAaAaAeAnnemeresoome isikunimedes tAaAaAeAnhendas, ebaselgeks.