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NIMHNational Institute of Mental Health (US National Institutes of Health; Rockville, MD)
NiMhNickel Metal Hydride (battery technology)
NIMHNational Institute of Medical Herbalists
NIMHNational Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology
NIMHNot in My House
NIMHGreat Britain Northern Ireland Machine (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
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Through experiments with animals, scientists at NIMH and other research facilities are tracking clues to determine what disrupts brain development.
Emphasizing too much "gee whiz" science at the expense of research into psychosocial services has meant the NIMH has failed to fully use its immense power to address disparities in access to care, create strategies for cost-efficient, scalable interventions, and clarify best practices in sorely needed suicide prevention, according to an editorial written by Dr.
NIMH has also presented data for Wednesday's temperatures of the sea water in Russia and Ukraine, which were 28 degrees Celsius along the Russian coast and between 27,2 and 29,2 degrees Celsius in Ukraine.
Preliminary evidence from the same participants also links Williams syndrome to a lack of tissue in a frontal brain area already implicated in social behavior, including fear responses to strangers, the NIMH scientist says.
Support for reestablishing an NIMH branch devoted to aging was bolstered by an internal work group report, which found that in 2002, NIMH provided four times the grant funding ($358 million) to child research as to aging research ($90 million).
NINDS, NIMH, and NIA have set aside $2,000,000 in total costs per year, in addition to funds available for applications sent in response to this PA that score within the NINDS payline (see NINDS Funding Strategy at http://www.
Men may not recognize their irritability, sleep problems, loss of interest in work or hobbies and withdrawal as signs of depression, NIMH executives say.
Para notar que alguien esta pasando por una crisis depresiva, es muy importante que la persona acepte que tiene una enfermedad y que necesita de la ayuda de un especialista", comento el NIMH.
For more information on bipolar disorder visit the NIMH web site: (http://www.
Like me, these women may not have what the NIMH calls PMS.
Web-Based System Enables NIMH to Automate Forms and Workflow Processes