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NIMMNatural Interactivity and Multimodality
NIMMNational Institute of Medicinal Materials (Vietnam)
NIMMNational Institute of Materia Medica (Vietnam)
NIMMNeutrophil Iodination Micro-Method
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KPMG in Mongolia and NIMM Audit, a leading Mongolian professional services company, have agreed to align as KPMG LLC -- forming a combined team including 50 local audit, tax and advisory professionals along with seconded industry experts from other KPMG member firms that will establish KPMG as the largest service provider of its kind in Mongolia, KPMG International announced today.
Positive BAC cases according to alleged manner of death NIMMS NIMMS Alleged manner 2002 2008 of non-natural (N=849) (N=672) death * % % Chi-square Homicide/violence ([dagger]) 50 54 1.
The music program was affiliated with the Royal Conservatory of Music; the art program with the Toronto School of Art and the commercial course, with a number of Toronto business schools including the Nimms and Harrison Business College.