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NINDSNational Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (US National Institutes of Health)
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Frequently, NINDS grantees are forced to balance their focus between advancing their research and technology objectives into healthcare products and the necessity of procuring funding and building partnerships to drive those advancements.
The ultimate goal of the DMFP is to support the NINDS and their BPN Contributors - drug companies and academic researchers C in the development and manufacture of dosage forms of small molecule drug candidates suitable for administration in preclinical and clinical studies of neurological disease/disorders.
Jim Koenig, from the NINDS, said: "These results may have broad implications for multiple neurological disorders.
Kovach, President and CEO of Lixte, said, "Studies with the research team at the Molecular Pathogenesis Unit, Surgical Neurology Branch, NINDS, identified a biomarker that appears to be preferentially targeted by novel anti-cancer drugs currently being evaluated by NINDS and Lixte as new treatments for human brain tumors.
What will the neuroscience research landscape look like in 15 years, and how can NINDS best contribute?
SRI welcomes the opportunity to provide the NINDS with all the support necessary to develop promising candidates from preclinical assessment through IND," said Carol Green, Ph.
Here, visitors can learn more about what clinical trials really are; those who wish to participate in a clinical trial can choose from an extensive list of neurological conditions, from ADHD to Zellweger syndrome, to see what research is in progress or coming up at the NINDS and elsewhere across the country.
a program director in the NINDS Office of Translational Research and the lead contact for the Blueprint Neurotherapeutics Network.
The NINDS grant was awarded to support Aquinnah's unique approach to treating ALS, which targets pathological protein complexes found in the brains of most ALS patients.
Kovach, the lead presenter and President and CEO of Lixte, said that the company and SNB, NINDS are continuing to develop LB-1 and other compounds for the treatment of human brain cancers.
The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) has set aside a total of $2,250,000, in addition to funds available for applications sent in response to this PA that score within the NINDS payline (see NINDS Funding Strategy http://www.
His many efforts to further MS research on the federal level have been credited with making the NINDS a world leader in MS research--with an annual budget of $64 million devoted to MS projects.