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NINONational Insurance Number (UK)
NINONine in Nine Out (babywearing organization)
NINONothing In Nothing Out
NINONederlands Instituut voor het Nabije Oosten
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With the coming El Nino rains, Golden State Lifeguards has been actively working with community groups, schools and other organizations urging them to take preparedness seriously.
But California and other drought struck areas better not count on El Nino rescuing them like in a Bruce Lee action movie, experts say.
Goldman Sachs said the El Nino phenomenon will put crops like cocoa, coffee, sugar and palm oil at risk.
Earlier this year, many scientists anticipated a blockbuster 2014 El Nino that would rival the record-setting 1997 event.
A new study shows that some types of El Nino do not have this effect, a finding that could explain recent decade-scale slowdowns in global warming.
Ramesh Kumar, chief scientist of the Physical Oceanography Division at the National Institute of Oceanography, said: "Both El Nino and La Nina play an important role in southwest monsoon.
The family also thanked the huge numbers of friends who had left tributes to Nino on social networking sites.
This charming tale about a holy Santo Nino (Christ Child) who heals children and receives shoes to continue his missions was originally published in the 1930's by famed new Mexican author Peggy Pond and is now being re-issued with new translations and illustrations so whole new generations of both cultures may continue to enjoy the story.
The El Nino will also likely mean a weak Atlantic hurricane season this year, he said.
During El Nino years, for example, drought usually comes to Southeast Asia, Indonesia, and southern Africa, while flooding comes to the southwestern United States, Argentina, Kenya, and many other nations and regions.
In this region, El Nino events are related to unusually dry conditions, widespread food scarcity, and migration (9-11).
El Nino is believed to cause abnormal weather phenomena, with some experts saying it is connected with, for instance, unusually cold summers in Japan.