NIODNederlands Instituut Voor Oorlogsdocumentatie (Netherlands Institute for War Documentation))
NIODNetwork Inward/Outward Dialing
NIODNew Image Office Design (Whittlesey, England, UK)
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Ronny Nafthaniel, a leader of the Dutch Jewish community who sat on a vetting panel for the NIOD report and has reviewed a copy, said the papers' reporting is accurate.
The publication caused an outcry, and the city quickly commissioned a more thorough study by the NIOD to examine the documents and place them in a wider context of the city's postwar treatment of Jews.
Yet if NIOD had seen the Ahlers material in its own archives, it too obviously failed to take him seriously.
Now, NIOD has reopened the investigation into the betrayal.
Sato is grateful to NIOD and its staff for their support
But NIOD said: "The conclusion of our inquiry is that we do not consider any of the three suspects to be a likely candidate for the role of betrayer.
NIOD, whose new inquiry was launched last summer, said the Ahlers-as-betrayer theory was based chiefly on comments made by Ahlers himself - a notorious braggart and fantasist.
Ook nu is er weer discussie en ligt er het voorstel van drie wetenschappelijke instituten (KITLV, NIOD en Nederlands Instituut voor Militaire Historie) om tot een alomvattend onderzoek hierover te komen.
Gerard Aalders, onderzoeker bij het NIOD, borduurt voort op het onderzoek in ZKH in zijn Bernhard zakenprins, dat inmiddels al herdrukt is.
It is not in the collection of Japanese propaganda films of the NIOD.
MARTIJN EICKHOFF is a researcher at the NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies in Amsterdam.
Met twee collega's van het NIOD heeft hij nu een omvangrijk boek samengesteld over de fotojournalistiek tijdens de jaren 1945-1949.