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NIOHNational Institute of Occupational Health (Ahmedabad, India)
NIOHNational Institute for the Orthopedically Handicapped
NIOHNot In Our House
NIOHNational Institute of Ophthalmology and Hospital (Bangladesh)
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During the first NIOH meetings, other incidents came to light, mostly minor or isolated events.
Sexual harassment in the theatre field is not unique to Chicago, but the way that NIOH has galvanized its theatre community is unprecedented.
NIOH is also seen as a community mentoring project for young artists, and the code aims to help create a safe environment, particularly for newcomers.
When it comes to Equity, NIOH would like to see some changes to the language around sexual harassment and discrimination in the Chicago Area Theatres (CAT) rule book, and has approached the regional office of Actors' Equity, but is still waiting for a final decision.
Chicago actor Molly Brennan manages the NIOH support group and contributed language to the code of conduct based on her experience with high-risk physical theatre.
Dardai, an ensemble member since 2004, has been charged with representing his company in NIOH.
Being involved in NIOH is also important for the company, despite the fact that the Neo-Futurists have fostered a healthy culture for 27 years.
In the 11 months that NIOH has been in operation, Myers has noted positive change.
The committee raised issues, many of which are also mentioned in the letters from Abraham and Indulkar, and remarked that "the findings of the NIOH study are not in conformity with the known and accepted properties, chemistry and toxicology of endosulfan" (Dubey 2003).
The NIOH and three other agencies carried out endosulfan analyses at varying times (January 2001-August 2001) and reported significant amounts of endosulfan in various environmental media.