NIORDCNational Iranian Oil, Refinery and Distribution Company
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The NIORDC chief referred to the second development phase of the Persian Gulf Star Refinery, which is set for launch in the third quarter of this year.
Kazemi says NIORDC has become an important exporter of refined petroleum products, including LPG with exports of the butane/propane mix having risen to 1,500 t/d.
Rajabpour says NIORDC is thus using the full capacity of Iran's ports and export terminals in Mahshahr, Assaluyeh, Lavan and Bandar Abbas in the south to ship the oil products.
Sadighabadi, who is also deputy petroleum minister in refining and distribution affairs, told reporters that NIORDC would also readily cooperate with the private sector for exporting liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).
NIORDC has managed to bring its fuels to Euro 2004 and 2005 specifications.
The project is mainly being rolled out by private developers and the state-operated NIORDC.
According to NIORDC, diesel oil will be sold at 2,500 rials, while CNG will be presented at 4,500 rials per cubic meters.
According to Zeighami, NIORDC will pursue diversification of oil products through building new oil refineries in the country in a bid to curb selling crude oil.
Here is the output of the nine refineries, in barrels per day, as listed on the NIORDC website:
Once fully operational, the second phase of the project will become a major source of income for the country, the NIORDC CEO added.
It was said in 2009 that, eventually, NIORDC was either to improve the buy-back terms or finance the project out of funds to be provided by NIOC.
Former managing director of NIORDC, Alireza Zeyqami, had told Mehr News Agency in April that the country plans to decrease fuel oil output by 20-27 percent in the current Iranian calendar year (started onMarch 21) in order to produce more valuable products, such as gasoline.