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NIPANational Income and Product Accounts
NIPANCO (Net-Centric Operations) Implementation Process Alignment
NIPANational Institute of Public Administration
NIPANational Institute of Public Affairs
NIPANational Investment Promotion Agency (various nations)
NIPANaval Intelligence Production System
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Nipa (scientific name: Nypa Fruiticans), grows abundantly in the costal areas of the Philippines where its dried fronds are used as roofing materials for huts.
We are very proud of Ann s contributions to the industry and know that her skills and enthusiasm will bring great value in her new role with NIPA," said Peter Gordon, president, John Hancock Retirement Plan Services.
Corporate dividends paid to shareholders measures investment returns to them in the form of current income, including dividends paid to persons, a component of the NIPA personal income measure.
NIPA fosters the highest standard of ethical and professional conduct by providing self-improvement outlets to all members and interested parties.
The NIPA in partnership with different state representatives has also proactively promoted the Republic of Djibouti's investment opportunities and business environment at international level.
In an ideal, frictionless world with no measurement errors or problems with accounting definitions, the NIPA and FoF definitions would perfectly agree, just because the left- and right-hand sides of (3) coincide by construction.
While slightly underweight for their age and wearing clothes for six- to nine-month-olds, Nipa believes they will catch up eventually.
Nipa, from east London, said of Jannat's need for further surgery: "Yet again one of my babies was going off to surgery.
The general fund accounts of state and local governments may include revenues that are not counted in the NIPA but that could buoy, or mask, an otherwise tenuous budgetary picture.
A Web Services module which extends the embedded applications and capabilities of the NIPA framework to social networking and business communications applications and databases
We believe that doing everything possible to reach the non-insured and underinsured in Connecticut is imperative, and our work with the Exchange to create a robust NIPA effort will be very important to success," said Vicki Veltri, the State Healthcare Advocate.
Chapter 10 discusses the definitions and concepts regarding BEA's approach to compensation, the way compensation is recorded in the NIPAs, and an overview of the specific source data and estimation methodologies.