NIPCCNongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change
NIPCCNagoya International Personal Computer Club (Nagoya, Japan)
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The most recent reports published by these groups are NIPCC 2013, 2014, and TRCS Research Team 2013.
The media also noted the participation in the NIPCC conference by celebrities like John Stossel of ABC-TV and Vaclav Klaus, President of the Czech Republic, without applying any labels like "denialist.
On top of that, climate models cited by the UN have severe "limitations," as the NIPCC team diplomatically termed it.
NIPCC editor Professor Robert Carter, former head of the School of Earth Sciences at Australia's James Cook University, said the independent report shows climate changes are "well within the bounds of natural variability.
Other NIPCC scientists pointed out that the gas is not only not harmful, it is actually essential to life and beneficial to the planet--especially to its human inhabitants.
The new NIPCC report takes withering aim at the IPCC's errors, false claims, and fear mongering.
As NIPCC shows by offering an independent, non-governmental 'second opinion' on the 'global warming' issue, we do not currently have any convincing evidence or observations of significant climate change from other than natural causes.
The NIPCC report charges that the IPCC "continues to undervalue the overwhelming evidence that, on decadal and century-long time scales, the Sun and associated atmospheric cloud effects are responsible for much of past climate change.
As the NIPCC report, Nature, Not Human Activity, Rules the Climate, points out, the hard data from satellites and weather balloons shows the exact opposite of the predictions of the IPCC and the climate alarmist choir: a slight cooling with altitude in the troposphere and slight warming on the surface.