NIPFNon-Industrial Private Forest
NIPFNational Industrial Policy Framework (South Africa)
NIPFNational Incontinentia Pigmenti Foundation
NIPFNational Intelligence Priorities Framework
NIPFNational Injury Prevention Foundation (Thinkfirst; Warrenville, IL)
NIPFNonspecific Interstitial Pneumonia and Fibrosis
NIPFNorfolk Island Police Force (Australia)
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Numerous studies, especially those focusing on the NIPF owners, have demonstrated that various characteristics of ownership (e.
She will compete at the NIPF 3 lift in April and speaking about her weekend success, she said: "It was the cherry on top of an already incredible day.
The NIPF, IPAP and TPSF thus call for "developmental tariff-setting" through the International Trade and Administration Commission (ITAC), in order to incentivise more value-added production and exports by raising the effective rate of protection on final outputs.
collection and analytic resources in accordance with the NIPF.
La literatura cientifica, ya sea descriptiva o empirica, existente en materia de gestion de propietarios NIPF es muy extensa, abarcando diferentes materias y escalas de trabajo como son: la sociologia, economia, medioambiente y planificacion territorial, entre otros campos de estudio.
Factor shares for three distinct land ownerships (industrial private forest - IPF, nonindustrial private forest - NIPF, and public forest) are empirically estimated to show that actual resource use and factor returns are the result of growing stock management intensity.
Increasing NIPF harvests have offset declines in industrial harvest and led to near record levels of harvest from private lands [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 4 OMITTED].
NIPF forest lands have been identified as a potential source of increased timber management and harvest that could help alleviate the supply shortage.
As many studies have found, NIPF landowners are diverse in management goals, and many factors can affect a landowner's willingness to harvest.
According to the NIPF, information about the "leadership intention" of the Turkish government is given the second-highest priority while information about the military and its infrastructure, foreign policy goals, and energy security are given the third-highest priority rating.
Management plans and Oregon's NIPF owners: a survey of attitudes and practices.
Predictions also are developed that offer some insight into the potential effects of an education program aimed at informing NIPF landowners about the reforestation component of the Forestry Incentive Programs.