NIPFNon-Industrial Private Forest
NIPFNational Industrial Policy Framework (South Africa)
NIPFNational Incontinentia Pigmenti Foundation
NIPFNational Intelligence Priorities Framework
NIPFNational Injury Prevention Foundation (Thinkfirst; Warrenville, IL)
NIPFNonspecific Interstitial Pneumonia and Fibrosis
NIPFNorfolk Island Police Force (Australia)
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She will compete at the NIPF 3 lift in April and speaking about her weekend success, she said: "It was the cherry on top of an already incredible day.
Factors affecting NIPF landowners' willingness to supply woody biomass.
The NIPF holds approximately 27,500 Columbia/HCA shares.
The NIPF provides care and financial assistance to police officers and ex-officers, and their families, who have been injured or disabled as a direct result of terrorism.
The Stewardship Incentives Program (SIP) provides federal cost-share funds, up to 75 percent, for NIPF landowners to implement practices identified in stewardship management plans.
If high timber prices continue, the harvest from NIPF lands could increase further.
In western Oregon, the initial set of workshops is expected to reach 80 different logging firms and the 500 or more loggers who work primarily on NIPF lands.
The competitiveness and return components of NIPF ownership in Finland.
Recent (1991 and 1992) total private land harvests were fairly consistent with the study team's projection in Scenario B, although the mix included more timber than expected from NIPF sources and less from IND sources.
According to the 1990 RPA Program, NIPF annual harvests will have to increase by more than 90 percent in order to meet domestic demand.
A tale of two forests: Case study comparisons of sustained yield management on Mississippi and New York NIPF.
Without projected increases from NIPF, the overall decline would be much greater than 25 percent.