NIPHNational Institute of Public Health
NIPHNorwegian Institute of Public Health
NIPHNewcastle Institute of Public Health (Australia)
NIPHNile Pharmaceuticals (stock symbol)
NIPHNo Improvement with Pinhole (vision check)
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said the NIPH researchers combined data from obstetrical visits, birth records, and vaccination registries to investigate whether the influenza vaccination posed a risk to pregnancy.
Chiron and NIPH will collaborate to obtain European market authorization for NIPH's meningitis B vaccine.
NIPH holds the exclusive right to distribute the Men B/C vaccine in Norway.
The efficacy of the NIPH Men B vaccine was demonstrated in a large phase III trial including 180,000 teenagers.
The combination of the NIPH serogroup B vaccine and the Chiron serogroup C vaccine is expected to cover the majority of cases of infection by Neisseria meningitidis type B and C, the bacteria primarily responsible for meningococcal disease in Europe, North America and other countries throughout the world.
from human patients were characterized phenotypically (3), biotyped (4), and serogrouped against absorbed rabbit antiserum produced at NIPH, representing O-antigen factors 1-34 (5).
The procurement shall cover NIPH daily needs for washing renromstE[sup.
Notice of Contract Award: UHPSFC module to the NIPH
Strengthening of Health Sector Monitoring Capacities at NIPH
Announcement of competition: NIPH needs supercritical fluid chromatography module.
Announcement of competition: NIPH need for additional resources and expertise to develop security management, as well as the implementation of risk assessments and audits.