NIPINurses in Partnership, Inc
NIPINational Invertebrate Pest Initiative (Australia)
NIPINational Investment Promotions, Inc. (St. Vincent and the Grenadines)
NIPINational Institute for Psychobiology in Israel (est. 1971)
NIPINew Innovative Products, Inc. (Pine Level, NC; est. 1994)
NIPINutritional-Inflammatory Prognostic Indices
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1a, the NIPI is compared to observations for 17 different global climate models between 1952 and 2005.
2a shows the shift in NIPI for 13 CMIP5 members (1952-2005), comparing model simulations with all anthropogenic forcings (ALL) to each corresponding run with natural forcings only (NAT).
Given that the NIPI index was only at the 90th percentile for this month and lower for the other two, it seems that high pressure induced by the SAM over New Zealand is not a complete explanation for the extreme dryness that occurred.
Hetero NIPI has been designed for use as a photosensitive switch -- and on/off circuit-shunting device -- for the coming generation of optical computers.
Based on monthly National Employment figures, NIPI provides recommendations on the most advantageous positive spread to negotiate when purchasing income property.
With regard to our Web site's current offerings of investment data and the proactive Economic Valuation System, NIPI will complement and complete the toolset in terms of providing our subscribers with the most comprehensive due diligence system available for making solid investment decisions.
In addition to the sharing of the oil produced under the joint investment agreement executed between SRB and COG, SRB will receive share of the oil/condensates produced, as well as the fee for processing the raw gas prior to the sale/supply to NIPI.