NIPINurses in Partnership, Inc
NIPINational Invertebrate Pest Initiative (Australia)
NIPINational Investment Promotions, Inc. (St. Vincent and the Grenadines)
NIPINational Institute for Psychobiology in Israel (est. 1971)
NIPINew Innovative Products, Inc. (Pine Level, NC; est. 1994)
NIPINutritional-Inflammatory Prognostic Indices
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Hetero NIPI has been designed for use as a photosensitive switch -- and on/off circuit-shunting device -- for the coming generation of optical computers.
Based on monthly National Employment figures, NIPI provides recommendations on the most advantageous positive spread to negotiate when purchasing income property.
The NIPI project has expanded this home-based newborn care platform to cover infancy after the neonatal period.
The NRHM state office proposes to spend over Rs 8 crore in the two phases to execute the recommendation of the UNOPS and NIPI.