NIPONavy International Programs Office
NIPONational Intellectual Property Organization (New Delhi, India)
NIPONetherlands Industrial Property Office (patents; Netherlands)
NIPONorwegian Industrial Property Office (Ministry of Trade and Industry)
NIPONetherlands Institute for Public Opinion
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Kantar Media's measurement technology will be deployed on a TNS NIPO panel of 3,000 individuals aged 6+ to measure all video viewing on PCs, laptops, tablets and mobiles, whether via browser or app, streamed or on demand.
The modified-clay technology that IMRE is developing can potentially enhance the heat insulation and UV protection when applied to building surfaces", said Ms Amanda Khoo, Director of Nipo International Pte Ltd.
NIPO study says the number of patents issued for new pharma products in India have jumped over 3- fold from 765 in 2004- 05 to 2,373 in 2008- 09 after the patents act was introduced in India.
The NIPO team initiated a series of Kaizen Rapid Improvement Events to explore ways to offset a $350 thousand reduction in funding for three technology security process areas (foreign visit, export license, and disclosure requests).
NIPO, like many other Department of Defense (DOD) organizations, is having considerable success applying the principles of LSS to its internal processes.
Ken has played an important role in Sytel's emergence as global market leader in dialer technology for market research, leveraging the ease-of-use, reliability and flexibility of the Sytel dialer platform, including out-of-the-box integration with major CATI vendors, such as IBM SPSS, Nebu, Quancept, Nipo, Askia and CfMC.
Translation Nipo hapa nimekukabili Here I have encountered you Niguse tena tafadhali touch me again please Niguse
THE HAGUE, The Netherlands, March 26 /PRNewswire/ -- This morning 26 March 2007 TNS NIPO has presented the final results of opinion research in six EU Member States including the United Kingdom.
NIPO want to contract with a provider who can ensure that we always get optimal prices and terms adapted NIPO need for licenses and license maintenance.
The study, conducted by Dutch research firm TNS NIPO, showed a third of Canadians (33 per cent) are prepared to dip into their savings over the next 12 months to pay off some debt, versus 29 per cent of Americans and 18 per cent of Western Europeans (Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Austria).
Citing a TNS Nipo survey, Asscher said nearly 14% of Dutch companies have moved work abroad.
Kantar Media s measurement technology will be used on a TNS NIPO panel of 3,000 respondents, aged 6+, to measure all video viewing on PCs, laptops, tablets and mobiles, whether via a browser or app, streamed or on demand.