NIPPNational Infrastructure Protection Plan
NIPPNobody in Particular Presents (Denver music promoter)
NIPPNational Institute for Plant Protection (Vietnam)
NIPPNational Institute of Public Policy
NIPPNetwork Information Publication Principles
NIPPNational Intelligence Projections for Planning
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En el NIPP se identificaron tres areas especificas de interes: las interdependencias entre los sectores, la seguridad cibernetica, y el caracter internacional de las amenazas sobre las infraestructuras criticas [9].
The Action Plan recognized the need for a process to harmonize the NIPP and the National Strategy to assure a consistent and holistic approach to the protection of North American critical infrastructure systems.
In addition to the strategies outlined by Homeland Security in the NIPP, the Department of Justice kept a foot in the cyber war.
The NIPP recognizes, as delineated within HSPD-7, that certain
To adequately meet the Power requirement, the NIPP is presently constructing a 132/33kV line from Uyo to Eket so as to help evacuate the power from Ikot Abasi power plant.
McCarthy, head of George Mason University's Critical Infrastructure Protection Program, which consulted DHS on both the NIPP and some of the sector-specific annexes.
It meets the training needs of a wide range of government and private-sector security partners involved in implementing infrastructure protection programs and provides an overview of many of the key concepts of the NIPP, including the risk-management framework, the partnership model designed to facilitate coordination and cooperation between infrastructure owners/operators and the government, the networked approach to information sharing, and the new risk-based approach to resource allocation.
193) As the NIPP Court explained, "[b]y advertising [a] concert, the radio generates more interest in the artist, which encourages listeners to listen to the radio to hear about the artist's concert and to hear the artist's songs.
See NIPP, supra note 26, at 108 (defining cyber security as
Three members of the study group which produced the NIPP report are now in the administration.
Richard Mies, commander in chief of the US Strategic Command, told Congress the NIPP report was a "good blueprint to follow" in drafting future nuclear policy.