NIPPNational Infrastructure Protection Plan
NIPPNobody in Particular Presents (Denver music promoter)
NIPPNational Institute for Plant Protection (Vietnam)
NIPPNational Institute of Public Policy
NIPPNetwork Information Publication Principles
NIPPNational Intelligence Projections for Planning
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The Action Plan recognized the need for a process to harmonize the NIPP and the National Strategy to assure a consistent and holistic approach to the protection of North American critical infrastructure systems.
In addition to the strategies outlined by Homeland Security in the NIPP, the Department of Justice kept a foot in the cyber war.
the NIPP intends to implement procedures recognizing the sectorspecific
While a 2003 presidential directive defined the 17 sectors and mandated the NIPP, McCarthy notes that the federal government first took an expanded view of critical infrastructure protection nearly a decade ago, when President Clinton issued the first directive relating to critical infrastructure.
Compared to the 2006 NIPP, DHS's 2009 update to the NIPP incorporated various changes, including a greater emphasis on regional CIKR protection planning and updates to DHS's overall risk management framework, such as instructions for sectors to develop metrics to gauge how well programs reduced the risk to their sector.
The NIPP, however, notes that sectors without ISACs can use existing "operationally oriented" groups for information sharing purposes.
The NIPP requires a commitment by suppliers doing more than $10m worth of business with the government or the companies it owns to facilitate industrial development in the country.
The NIPP study argues that arms control is a vestige of the Cold War, has tended to codify mutual assured destruction, "contributes to U.
The 10 power generating plants under the NIPP scheme, with a turnkey generation capacity of about 5222MW, are at different stages of completion.
Without adhering to all key risk management principles as required in the NIPP, TSA lacks assurance that its investments in screening technologies address the highest priority security needs at airport passenger checkpoints.