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NIPPYNumber of Interest Payments per Year
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Mary Boddy, an 81-year-old widow from Wolverhampton, started working for Lyons as a Nippy when she was 16.
The Toyota Aygo Black is a car best suited to town work, where its nippy nature, reasonably comfortable ride and easy parking make it just about perfect
SAVING GRACE Suzuki's Alto is a nippy little runaround about town
99 and if the evenings do get a bit nippy, then snuggle up to the excellent, spicy Chilean red Casillero del Diablo Reserva Privada, an intense blend of cabernet sauvignon and syrah, down to pounds 6.
William and Mary star Julie said: "I love Gillian - she's a complete maverick and quite nippy.
He does struggle against nippy little forwards, and to give that little fella some credit, he's as busy as I've seen.
So if you want a small nippy car, you need to do the maths carefully.
The Bulls are a big physical unit and you would always fancy nippy opponents who can turn their man with pace and flair to get the better of them.
While the rest of us brave nippy temperatures in cosy coats and woolly tights, trendsetters are already raving about Sienna Miller's Grecian-style sandals.
He's a small, nippy guy with great pace and there are more and more players like him now in the Premiership.
DIAMONDS may be small but you don't think less of them - and the same should be true of the nippy Gilera VXR Runner, writes PAUL MYLES.
While Angelenos are complaining about nippy mornings and blustery afternoons, residents from Montana to Maine to the Texas Panhandle stepped into icy blasts as low as minus-45 degrees.