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NIPRNational Institute of Polar Research (Japan)
NIPRNational Insurance Producer Registry
NIPRNon-Secure Internet Protocol Router
NIPRNew Ideas in Pollution Regulation (publication)
NIPRNortheast Indiana Public Radio (Fort Wayne, IN)
NIPRNigerian Institute of Public Relations
NIPRNot Including Primary Residence (market analysis)
NIPRNorthern Ireland Publications Resource (Belfast, Ireland)
NIPRNational Index of Parish Registers (genealogy)
NIPRNational Industrial Plant Reserve
NIPRNet Inlet Pressure Required (pump)
NIPRNaval Intelligence Products Register
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NIPR now has two main products: the Producer Database and the NIPR Gateway.
Our long-term relationship with Sircon has played an important role in advancing the NIPR's goal of one-stop shopping for the industry," said Maryellen Waggoner, NIPR Executive Director.
It consisted of an AES256 capable router and switch for NIPR connected to a set with a TACLANE, router and switch for both SIPR and CX-I.
Figure 1 shows how normal routing would occur for NIPR, SIPR and CX-I traffic.
For example, up to 100% or 8 Mbps of the available bandwidth could be used for either SIPR or NIPR, as required, as well as prioritize traffic.
Those with $5 million or more in net worth NIPR rose to 1.
One thing to note is when operating in the 6th fleet AOR, the majority of logistics communications is via NIPR.
OWEN, K & TALJAARD, JJ 1989: Handbook for the use of Psychological and Scholastic tests of the IPER and the NIPR.
Even the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) got in the act, promoting a new name for its former Insurance Regulatory Information Network, now known as National Insurance Producer Registry, or NIPR (www.
AFRICOM would provide policy, governance, command and control, and critical network services, plus the key NIPR and SIPR server stacks to tunnel into the AFRICOM network.