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NIPSNational Institute for Physiological Sciences
NIPSNorthern Ireland Prison Service
NIPSNetwork Intrusion Prevention System
NIPSNeonatal/Infant Pain Scale
NIPSNeural Information Processing System
NIPSNetwork I/Os Per Second
NIPSNaval Intelligence Processing System
NIPSNetherlands International Partnership for Sustainability (Netherlands and Costa Rica)
NIPSNASA Interactive Planning System
NIPSNMCC Information Processing System
NIPSNorthern Ireland Pain Society
NIPSNaval Intelligence Processing Center Upgrade Program
NIPSNavy Information Policy Summary
NIPSNational Intelligence Processing System
NIPSNTCS-A Information Processing Services
NIPSNational Internet-Based Partner Services (support group)
NIPSNocturnal Investigation of Paranormal Situations (online video series)
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They determined that the chance that a positive NIPS test result was actually a false positive could be 50 percent or higher for some aneuploidies.
Through very precise sensors that are placed between two rolls, the nip width can be determined with a high degree of measurement accuracy.
With over two hundred worldwide references, the company believes that it offers the most advanced and reliable intelligent nip roll cover products on more applications than all other competitors combined.
Reduced Nip Impulse Pressing--which produces products that can better compete with TAD products--has been gaining momentum.
The purpose of this tender competition is to establish a contract to fulfil the NIPS requirement for the Supply and Delivery of Fitness Equipment to the NIPS locations.
During the second step, the film is coated on a substrate and then goes through a nip constituted of two rolls: a chill roll cooled down by cold water and a nip roll covered with a rubber layer.
All winders use some combination of nip pressure, web tension, and drive torque to control film winding.
PM 4's press section was rebuilt with a shoe press in the third nip.
If the fluids encountered in the process cause the hardness to change or the roll cover to swell, the width of the nip area will change.
This would be positive for NIPS and other Indiana utilities by providing an incentive-based system under which companies can benefit directly from cost savings and sales growth without having to make immediate refunds to customers.
Traditionally, papermakers evaluate roll nips by measuring the static nip contact width via carbon papers, micro-encapsulated films, embossed foils or similar methods.