NIPTNorth Idaho Physical Therapy (est. 1968; various locations)
NIPTNew Information Processing Technologies (International Symposium)
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Jennifer Stallworth, one of the genetic counselors at Greenwood Genetic Center, explained that her role is to counsel patients who may be considering the test, including informing them about the risk for chromosomal conditions in their pregnancies, and discussing the pros and cons of NIPT, compared with other screening and diagnostic testing options.
3] Nonstandard abbreviations: MPS, massively parallel sequencing; ccf, circulating cell free; NIPT, noninvasive prenatal testing; CNV, copy number variation; IRB, investigational review board; gDNA, genomic DNA; MAPQ, mapping quality.
With completion of the acquisition, Illumina now has access to Verinata's verifi prenatal test and to the most comprehensive intellectual property portfolio in the NIPT industry.
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She pointed to a December 2014 investigative report on NIPT in the Boston Globe that said some women have terminated their pregnancies based on NIPT screening results without having a confirmatory diagnostic test.
The original NIPT methodology is known as massively parallel shotgun sequencing (MPSS).
As proof of principle, we measured the minor chimeric DNA component in 2 potential clinical applications: allogeneic organ transplantation and NIPT.
We have selected the Harmony Prenatal Test as our in-house NIPT test in Australia and the UK because it has an enviable track record of quality, reliability and robustness, having been performed for hundreds of thousands of women globally," said Graeme Suthers, Director of Genetics at Sonic Healthcare (Australia).
In these cases, the NIPT results did not match the fetal karyotype results, which were obtained through amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling.
NIPT is based on using maternal blood plasma, which contains fetal DNA in the form of cell-free DNA (cfDNA).
Current data from prospective NIPT studies (13-15) have shown remarkably high sensitivities and specificities, approaching 100% for the 3 fetal trisomies.
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