NIPTRCNorthern Illinois Proton Treatment and Research
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Together with researchers from NIPTRC, we aim to produce a high-quality body of evidence to support clinical decision making on whether a patient receives proton or photon therapy.
NIPTRC is working with NIU and physicians from the Northwestern Medical Faculty Foundation to provide clinical and educational services to patients.
NIPTRC is also committed to charity care and to providing training for particle therapy specialists throughout the U.
Under this agreement, our core doctors will provide proton clinical services exclusively at NIPTRC and will also be full-time faculty members and/or researchers at Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine," John Lewis, executive director of NIPTRC, said.
That's why we chose to work with NIPTRC to serve this need, and bring the first world-class proton treatment and research center to the Chicago area," Mittal said.
This center is not-for-profit and the Northwestern Medical Faculty Foundation and NIPTRC share a mission to serve ALL patients, regardless of ability to pay," added Mittal, who also sits on NIPTRC's board of directors.
Additionally, NMFF joined NIU and NIPTRC in pursuit of a mission that includes delivering the highest quality of care for cancer patients and their families at the proton center.
In keeping with the holistic approach to treatment, NIU and NIPTRC also plan to establish a residential facility for patients and their families next to the NIPTRC facility.
Murer, a member of the NIPTRC board of managers and chair of the NIU Board of Trustees said.
After touring PSI, representatives from NIPTRC traveled to Varian/ACCEL's headquarters in Germany.
NIPTRC along with the Northern Illinois Research Foundation and Northern Illinois University have been working for years to bring a world-class cancer treatment and research center to Chicago's western suburbs that will provide state-of-the-art proton therapy to patients across the Midwest.