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NIRNear Infrared
NIRNear-Infrared Reflectance
NIRNational Identity Register (UK)
NIRNorthern Ireland Railways
NIRNet International Reserves
NIRNational Inventory Report
NIRNon-Ionizing Radiation
NIRNational Internet Registry
NIRNetwork Information Retrieval
NIRNew Inspection Regime (port state control)
NIRNational Institute of Development Research and Documentation (Botswana)
NIRNet Interest Revenue
NIRNet Irrigation Requirement
NIRNavajo Indian Reservation
NIRNine Inch Richards (Nine Inch Nails parody band)
NIRNo Individual Requirement
NIRNon-Immediate Allergic-Type Reactions
NIRNew Item Request
NIRName of Input Raster (computing)
NIRNuméro d'Identification au Répertoire National des Personnes Physiques Numéro d'Identification au Répertoire (French: Directory Identification Number)
NIRNear-Infrared Radiation
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The WAV-8 NIR is a proprietary blend of doped glass, which produces a series of distinct calibration peaks between 700 and 3000nm.
After the launch of the portal, Sibal said, setting up of NIR will not only reduce cost in procuring IP address but will also facilitate faster access to information for cyber crime investigators and government authorities.
While these silages were expected to contain 14-18% protein, NIR analysis was giving levels of 10-14%.
Investment bank CI Capital had a similar analysis, saying that at the end of the third quarter in 2011, NIR dropped 16 percent from December 2010, driven by the 11 percent month-on-month drop in foreign currency as the CBE continues to support the EGP.
NIR imaging provides information not available from visible spectrum imaging.
Three levels of spot colors in the NIR is another proof that it's possible to manage a wide range of reflection and absorption of light in a continuous area that includes the VL an NIR.
NIR-CI technology produces both images and statistics that describe the spatial distribution of components and aggregate size and offers several advantages compared with traditional, single-point NIR spectroscopy.
NIR Credit Partners is managed by co-founders and managing partners Joe Parish and Scott Shannon who have been with the firm for four years and collectively have more than 48 years of experience in structured and corporate finance.
Ministry of Health (MoH) senior adviser of public health medicine Alison Roberts says the NIR was implemented to improve immunisation coverage rates.
NIR spectra were collected from tangential, radial and transverse surfaces of the samples.
NIR-Online, a young German company that specializes in process NIR, introduced the X-One and X-Two process NIR systems into North America at Pittcon, which it has already been selling in Europe.
Both models are equipped with three detectors, including a photomultiplier tube for the UV-Vis region, and InGaAs and PbS detectors for the NIR region.