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NIRANational Institute for Research Advancement (Japan)
NIRANational Intercollegiate Rodeo Association
NIRANational Insurance Recruiters Association
NIRANational Industrial Recovery Act of 1933
NIRANational Import Racing Association
NIRANorth American Industrial Representatives Association
NIRANavy Internal Relations Activity
NIRANational Intelligence Reform Act of 2004
NIRANational Internet Registry of Afghanistan
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Nira Caledonia is located on the cobbled streets of New Town, this romantic boutique property combines the luxury of a top five star hotel with the intimacy and peace of a cosy townhouse.
The crash, the police said, could have happened on the bridge over the Nira River that separates Pune from Satara district.
Today the Supreme Court has directed the CBI and the team, which was investigating the 2-G case, to also investigate about 14 cases of prima facie corruption and criminal offenses, which are appearing from the conversation which Nira Radia had with various people," advocate Prashant Bhushan told media here today.
The National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), better known as the Wagner Act, was passed shortly 'after the Schechter ruling as a means of keeping one of the key labor provisions of the NIRA in place the legal fight of labor to bargain collectively.
Documents available with The Pioneer show that Central Bureau of Investigation DIG Vineet Agarwal had on November 16, 2009, sought call detail records of Nira Radia from Director General of Income Tax (Investigation) Milap Jain.
Pointing to the lack of antitrust activity, Cole and Ohanian counter NIRA policy effectively remained in place even after 1935.
Although the generation 1 approach didn't work, NIRA Dynamics, which didn't participate in that technology, has developed a software-based system that, explains Forssell, has sufficiently robust algorithms such that it can handle the NHTSA requirement of detecting 25% of tire pressure loss within 20 minutes while driving at a speed of 31 to 62 mph; the detection time is generally much faster than NHTSA's 20-minute requirement.
He also had a fling with actress Julia Sawalha during his relationship with producer Nira Park, who he went on to marry then divorce.
I'm tired of shopping and movies,'' said Los Angeles resident Nira Gross, who brought her two young grandchildren.
She won the Import Survival Series 3 and the National Import Racing Association (NIRA) Fall Nationals in 2000 and was a Semi-Finalist at the NIRA Import's Mid-Summer and Fall Nationals in 2001.