NIREANorthern Illinois Real Estate Appraisers (Joliet, IL)
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The NIREA recycling solution is a low-cost, environmental friendly and highly flexible process aimed at retrieving the maximum value from medium or low graded End-of-Life Printed Circuit Boards batches.
More than 94% of the in-wastes streams are ready to be used as secondary primary materials when outgoing the NIREA plant;
At the end of the project, two customers are ready to invest in the building up of an NIREA plant in other European regions as a first step of a larger European replication.
We are really pleased to be hosting this race again, Larnaca is a fantastic place for triathlon and with Nireas we plan to make this an international annual event," commented the Larnaca mayor.
The Larnaca Triathlon is the second of three races to be hosted in 2015 by Nicosia based Nireas Triathlon, which has been hosting triathlon races for more than 20 years and felt that the time was right to move its races from rural locations into city centres.
In the summer of 2012, photographs advertising illegal shark-fishing as a tourist activity did the rounds on the Internet and in the media, enraging marine life lovers in Cyprus and abroad," Nireas said in a written statement.
The investigation was never completed due to a lack of evidence according to the fisheries department," Nireas said.
Nireas has singled out a company which has advertised 'uniquely adventurous trips' but avoids to mention that the trips are illegal.
NIREAS Marine Research are urging the Fisheries and Marine Research Department to implement the law to end illegal shark fishing and to penalise all those breaking the law, especially those involved in tourist fishing trips.
Nireas is a registered non-profit and non-governmental organisation involved in research - documentation, education and conservation with regard the marine environment.
Most of these sharks are nursing and basking sharks and they have no teeth, they are not carnivorous and they are near extinction," said Michalis Papacharidemou, head of Nireas Marine Research.
ALL TALK but no action characterises the attitude of the Department of Fisheries and Marine Research (DFMR) towards the protection of Cyprus' marine environment, according to the non-governmental organisation, Nireas Marine Research Org (NMR).