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NIRIMNational Institute for Research in Inorganic Materials (Japan)
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Israeli media said soldiers ordered residents of Nirim to stay indoors during the gunfight.
A group of researchers led by chemistry professor Dor Ben-Amotz has developed a Near-Infrared Raman Imaging Microscope, called NIRIM, which uses laser light to analyze composite materials thousands of times faster than current methods.
The current worldwide interest in the new diamond technology can be directly traced to the NIRIM effort," Angus says.
The nearby communities of Kibbutz Nahal Oz and Nirim were also fully quarantined, even though no suspected bird flu cases were found there.
1 Nirim Street, PO Box 9352, 61092 Tel-Aviv, Israel +972-3-6384444, fax +972-3-6384455, e-mail: emc2003@ortra.
1 Nirim Street, P0 Box 9352, 61092 Tel-Aviv, Israel +972-3-63844, fax +972-3-6384455 or e-mail: emc2003@ortra.