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NIRIMNational Institute for Research in Inorganic Materials (Japan)
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Israeli media said soldiers ordered residents of Nirim to stay indoors during the gunfight.
There were no differences in percent rodents (as a group) in the diet among localities, but rodent genera composition differed among localities: percent Gerbillus among rodents changed from 63-70% in Gevulot, Revivim, and Tse'elim to 43% in Tzohar, and 16% in Sde Boqer, and only 1-2% in Nirim and Omer, while the proportion of Meriones was highest (42-46%) in Nirim and Omer, 17-20% in Revivim, Tse'elim, Gevulot, and Tzohar and 10% in Sde Boqer.
Key NIRIM design features are discussed, including the FIC fiber bundle, excitation laser, optical coupling to the microscope and fiber bundle, holographic filtering, spectrograph imaging requirements, CCD parameters, data transfer and chemical image processing.
The limited partnership intends to approach the other former participants and offer them a participation in the new license according to their proportionate share which they held at the time of the Bessor Carveout within the Negev Nirim license.
Isramco further reported that the participants in the Negev Nirim License had decided at a meeting on February 6 not to carry out a seismic survey which is one of the conditions for maintaining the license and to relinquish the license.
The company also reported that the Petroleum Commissioner of the Ministry of Energy had extended the license period on the Negev Nirim license onshore by an additional 18 months until January 3, 1996.
NASDAQ: ISRL) reported today that the participants in the oil exploration venture in Israel had received an extension of the Negev Nirim License, the area onshore in Israel in which the Bessor 1 well was drilled in 1993-1994, from the Israeli oil commissioner.