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NIRONew Industry Research Organization (est. 1997; Japan)
NIRONorthern Ireland Renewables Obligation (UK electricity suppliers)
NIRONorthern Illinois Rat Organization (advocacy organization)
NIRONeutral Interfaces for Robotics
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I tried to elicit from De Niro what his ideas were, and he couldn't quite articulate exactly what his ideas were, and I got a sense that if I led it a little bit, 'do you like this place, or this place?
De Niro included a few scenes of sexual activity in his film apparently to relieve its tediousness, but failed to accomplish that goal while diminishing the film's appeal for more morally discriminating viewers.
De Niro, of course, knows from great drama and these final sections of the film are handled quite well.
Niro is a world leader in spray drying equipment and process technology while ISP is known worldwide for its expertise in pharmaceutical excipients and material science.
Niro Nakamichi, the legendary audio products designer and engineer, developed "head-related transfer function" algorithms for the Niro-branded home theater systems that creates single-speaker surround sound, which is ideal for cramped quarters, such as dorm rooms and apartments.
The New York Post said news of the treatment leaked from a top figure in the movie industry and was confirmed by an unnamed De Niro employee.
A US newspaper said he was of the treatment leaked from a top movie-industry figure and was confirmed by an unnamed De Niro employee.
Niro needed that sense of humour, as the planned showing of her most recent film went all wrong.
Sobel gets him a job on a Sopranos-style TV show - obviously forgetting De Niro had a similar gig in the film Showtime which sank faster than a mobster in concrete loafers.
Steen Lassen, the new deputy division manager for Niro, is positive about the opportunities that the acquisition will provide for his company.
It's the first time De Niro has appeared on screen with his hero.
De Niro is furious about being questioned by a French judge who is investigating a call girl ring.