NIRRHNational Institute for Research in Reproductive Health (India)
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The NIRRH, consequently has expanded the fulcrum of its research activities and is striving to address contemporary issues pertaining to reproductive health which include infertility, reproductive tract infections/sexually transmitted infections including HIV/AIDS, reproductive tract cancer, osteoporosis, menopause, reproductive malfunctions like polycystic ovarian syndrome, premature ovarian failure, endometriosis, congential absence of vas deferens, etc.
Scientists at NIRRH, have made persistent efforts to maximize the clinical benefits of their research.
What are efforts of NIRRH towards bringing research close to people?
Kholkute: NIRRH conducts field based clinical and operational research in the area of reproductive health.
Savardekar, Scientist D, NIRRH, Mumbai, participated in the XXV Western Institutional Review Board Annual Meeting at Seattle (September 25-26, 2009).
Kaushiki Kadam, Scientist C, NIRRH, Mumbai, participated in the Proteomics Workshop conducted by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory at New York (July 17 August 1, 2009).
Pasi, Scientist B, NIRRH, Mumbai, participated in the WHO Workshop on Operations Research at Bangkok (November 24-29, 2008).
Taruna Madan, Scientist D, NIRRH, Mumbai, participated in the Meeting on Immunochemistry 1967-2008 at Oxford (July 18-21, 2008).
Ikram Khatkhatay, Scientist D, NIRRH, Mumbai, participated in the XXXV European Symposium on Calcified Tissues at Barcelona (May 24-28, 2008).
Anurupa Maitra, Deputy Director, NIRRH, Mumbai, participated in the LVII Annual Meeting of the American Society of Human Genetics at California (October 23-27, 2007).
Geetanjali Sachdeva, Senior Research Officer, NIRRH, Mumbai, participated in X Annual Frontiers in Reproduction Symposium at Massachusetts (June 1317, 2007).
In females, the mean BMD at total hip in NIRRH was significantly higher (P < 0.