NIRSNear Infrared Spectroscopy
NIRSNear-Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy
NIRSNuclear Information and Resource Service
NIRSNational Institute on Retirement Security (Washington, DC)
NIRSNational Institute of Radiological Science
NIRSNoise Integrated Routing System (aviation)
NIRSNational Information and Reporting System
NIRSNational Informatics Recognition System
NIRSNational Irrigation Research Station (Zambia)
NIRSNavy Implementation for Raster Scanning
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A former journalist, Mariotte joined NIRS in February 1985, became executive director October 1986, and was named its president on January 1, 2014.
The science of NIRS hinges on some of the fundamental principles of pulse oximetry as they relate to the transmission of light through living tissues and the absorption of light by tissue chromophores (naturally occurring compounds that absorb light [e.
Clinically and in neuroscience research, NIRS measurements from a single source and detector are commonly used.
Secretary of Energy banned commercially recycling metal that could be radioactive, but NIRS says the ban left several loopholes.
Going forward, the NIRS plans to conduct research targeting schizophrenic patients.
Key words: central nervous system, NIRS, electrodermal activation, learning and behavior assessment
Hosted by NIRS and open to the media and all interested parties.
In men with lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) simultaneous UDS and NIRS studies identified different patterns of change in ΔO[sub.
NIRS was the lead intervenor on the foreign ownership issue and on a separate contention also decided today.
3 million American jobs, and delivering retirement income at nearly 50 percent lower cost than individual defined contribution retirement accounts," said Diane Oakley, NIRS executive director.
NIRS is an optically based technique that can be applied to non-invasively and continuously monitor brain oxygenation and cerebral hemodynamics.
As NIRS reported in its Nuclear Monitor in 1992: "As the bill wound its way through the Senate and House, the nuclear industry won nearly every vote that mattered, proving that Congress remains captive to industry lobbying and political contributions over public opinion.