NIRTNanoscale Interdisciplinary Research Teams
NIRTNational Incident Response Team (Federal Reserve System)
NIRTNuclear Incident Response Team (US DHS)
NIRTNational Iranian Radio Television
NIRTNetwork Infrastructure Release Testing (Cingular)
NIRTNational Inquiry Response Team
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Since the first demonstration showing that NIRT could be used for determining the water content of dense light scattering materials, researchers have been fascinated with this tool with its four intrinsic advantages:
However, the data in Table 4 show that the addition of organoclay increased the NIRT values.
However, the worst correlation was obtained for the elongation at break and for NIRT, here hardly any correlation could be found with the dispersion parameters.
In consequence, in PA-6 systems, clay dispersion dominates the tensile behavior, while other factors control the NIRT behavior.
For these PNCs, only the tensile strength correlated with the degree of dispersion--other factors seem to control the modulus and NIRT behavior.
Cpl French says he wouldn't change his career path for anything and especially loves working with NIRT, he says there's something very rewarding about seeing the change in kids after just a week.