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NISNorton Internet Security (Symantec software)
NISNewly Independent States
NISNaval Investigative Service
NISNetwork Information Service (aka Yellow Pages)
NISNationwide Inpatient Sample
NISNetwork Information Services
NISNew Independent States
NISNetwork Information System
NISNew Israeli Shekel (currency in Israel)
NISNippon Ichi Software
NISNational Intelligence Service (various countries)
NISNational Immunization Survey
NISSodium Iodide Symporter
NISNational Institute of Sports (India)
NISNavigation Information Service (US DoT)
NISNational Intelligence Strategy
NISNot In Stock
NISNational Information System
NISNigeria Immigration Service
NISNot in Service
NISNational Information Service (various countries)
NISNorsk Internasjonalt Skipsregister (Norwegian International Ship Registery)
NISNishimachi International School (Tokyo, Japan)
NISNetwork Infrastructure Solutions
NISNational Insurance System
NISNonproliferation and International Security division (US DOE)
NISNormal Metal-Insulator-Superconductor (aka Superconductor-Insulator-Normal Metal)
NISNATO Identification System
NISNon-Interactive Sequence (gaming)
NISNational Implementation Strategy
NISNational Intelligence System
NISNuclear Instrumentation System
NISNon-Proliferation and International Security
NISNational Input Segment
NISNeurological Impairment Scale
NISNATO International Staff
NISNeighborhood Improvement Strategy
NISNational Insurance Specialists
NISNational Integration Services (touchscreen manufacturer)
NISNoise Information System
NISNew Immigrant Study
NISNetwork Integrity Services Ltd (Stockport, Cheshire, UK)
NISNational Imagery System
NISNIMA Information Service
NISNational Interdepartmental Seminar
NISNMCS Information System (US DoD)
NISNon-Invasive Sampling
NISNestlé Investor Seminar
NISNet Interest Spreads
NISNegotiation Information System
NISNitrogen Inerting System (military aviation, fuel subsystem)
NISNonprofit Insurance Services (Hanover, PA)
NISNormally in Stock (merchandise)
NISNuova Italia Scientifica (Italian: New Scientific Italy; book)
NISNational Intelligence Survey
NISNational Institutes of Statistics (various locations)
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Dividend: on November 22, 2015, the Company's Board of Directors declared a dividend distribution totaling NIS 35 million for the third quarter.
One of the more striking elements of health care services in CEE and NIS has been the relative lack of patient and public awareness, both in terms of public education and patient satisfaction.
As of September 30, 2010, the Group has cash on hand and undrawn revolving credit facilities in the amount of NIS 6.
The development momentum in Israel is continuing according to our plans, and this quarter alone, the Company's total real estate investment property grew by around NIS 722 million thanks to the purchase and construction of new properties and the improvement of existing properties.
Since January 1(st) 2009, the Company has bought back bonds in the amount of 80 million NIS par value.
Order backlog - as of June 30, 2015, the company's order backlog grew to NIS 13 billion, a NIS 1.
Free Cash Flow (4): NIS 287 million (US$ 76 million), a decrease of 6.
Dividend -- In May 2015, the Group distributed a NIS 320 million dividend (NIS 2.
The entity s pre-tax profit numbers on provident fund and pension businesses grew to NIS 36 million during the first quarter compared to NIS 31 million in the equivalent quarter, and the pre-tax loss, however, on life insurance activities was NIS 14 million in relation to a pre-tax profit of NIS 45 million.
The investment was approved at the extraordinary shareholders meeting of NIS on Monday, February 18, 2008.