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NISCNaval Intelligence Support Center
NISCNo-Instruction-Set-Computer (design synthesis tools)
NISCNAS Implementation Support Contract
NISCNSA ISSO Service Center
NISCNational Integrated Service Center (Sprint)
NISCNexus Information Sources Company Pte Ltd. (Singapore)
NISCNetwork Infrastructure Support System
NISCNational / International Switching Center
NISCNational Information Solutions Cooperative
NISCNational Institute of Senior Centers
NISCNational Invasive Species Council (US Department of the Interior)
NISCNorthern Ireland Supporters Club (UK)
NISCNationwide Investment Services Corporation (Nationwide Financial)
NISCNational Information Services Corporation
NISCNetwork Information Systems Center (Internet)
NISCNGO (Non-Governmental Organisation) Information and Support Centre
NISCNational Inquiry Services Centre (South Africa)
NISCNational Interest Security Company (Fairfax, VA)
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NISC is an information technology company that develops and supports software and hardware solutions for our Member-Owners, which are primarily telecommunications companies and utility cooperatives.
At NISC, the Irys System will be available as a core technology to run human and non-human samples, including microbial, invertebrates and pathogens.
Imam Riaz Baig, DGSE Sibghat ur Rehman, Director NISC, Javed Aslam, Ikeda San from Japan International Cooperation Agency, representative of Handicap International, Farooq Masih and a number of civil society officials attended the event.
Information about the product, on the other hand, is scarce, unlike the situation in the NISC version.
Seit Juli 2002 bietet die amerikanische Firma NISC die Datenbank zur Serie A/II unter der Adresse www.
NISC publishes a full range of bibliographic, abstract and full-text databases and aggregates information under 17 different natural and social sciences, arts and humanities categories, including "Family & Society Studies Worldwide," "Wildlife & Ecology Studies Worldwide," "Water Resources Worldwide," "Women's Studies International" and "Child Development & Adolescent Studies," among others.
cc) serves as NISC's Electric Industry Relations Executive, coordinating NISC activities with national associations and other entities within the electric industry, as well as performing other activities within the Strategic Services division and consulting services to electric cooperatives.
John Alls, Product Manager for NISC's Meter Data Management System, stated "With the data exchanged via industry standard interfaces NISC and Sensus offer utilities affordable options that bring money saving automation to the customer care & billing, meter data management and outage management systems.
With NISC LeadAgent, you can now mine the valuable data you have in the iVUE Enterprise System, as well as leads from outside sources such as your website, to create a dynamic sales lead repository for your marketing team to leverage and grow your customer base.
Our support of the FAA's NISC program helps millions of U.
announced today that NISC recently enhanced their integration with the ONLINE Utility Exchange, adding the capability to send account data through iVue.
BANNER DAYS Green And White Army get ready for the match ISLANDER Chris Wilson of the Newtownabbey NISC arrives yesterday