NISCCNairobi Informal Settlements Coordination Committee (Kenya)
NISCCNorthern Ireland Social Care Council (UK)
NISCCNational Infrastructure Security Co-Ordination Centre (UK)
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An NISCC spokesman could not tell the media how many computers were attacked or provide additional details.
The Home Office confirmed the NISCC, which issues regular advice, had been working with the National Hi-Tech Crime Unit.
NISCC director Roger Cumming said: 'This is not a few hackers sitting in their bedrooms trying to steal bank account details from individuals.
NISCC has now urged all businesses to strengthen their security systems.
A spokesman at NISCC recognised that, as with any other technologically advanced society, the UK's critical national infrastructure is "increasingly vulnerable" to electronic attacks, though he added that nothing suggested a risk of widespread and disruptive electronic attack following the military campaign against Iraq.
The spokesman said hackers "may be motivated to carry out less sophisticated attacks such as website defacements or denial of service attacks, but that is not in the remit of NISCC.
An NISCC spokesperson confirmed the determination means Baker can only seek to re-register after five years.
The normally secretive NISCC took the unusual step of making the announcement because of the scale of the threat.
NISCC Chairman Dr Jeremy Harbison said: "Registration with the Council requires each worker to make a personal and professional commitment to high standards in their training and practice.
InterNiche has been working with the NISCC since first alerted to this vulnerability and on April 8th we informed NISCC that we had examined the scenario, had tested a patch and posted an updated version of our NicheStack IPv4, NicheStack IPv4/IPv6 Dual, and our NicheLite protocol stacks," said Brian Ramsey, Vice President of Marketing at InterNiche.
0 TCP/IP protocol stack products to handle the scenarios described in NISCC Vulnerability Notice #236929.