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NISDNational Institute of Steel Detailing
NISDNational Institute for Scuba Diving
NISDNational Institute of Scuba Diving
NISDNational Institute for Skill Development
NISDNetwork Information Service Daemon
NISDNational Infrastructure Support Division
NISDNational Institute of Social Defence (India)
NISDNorthside Independent School District
NISDNacogdoches Independent School District (Texas)
NISDNatural Interactive Services Division (Microsoft)
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Two schools in NISD - John Jay High School and Anson Jones Middle School - began asking students earlier this year to carry RFID-equipped identification cards so that educators can monitor their location on school grounds.
A hearing is scheduled in the coming days to consider a preliminary injunction that will prohibit NISD from making the tracking program mandatory any further, but meanwhile Anonymous has taken matters into their own hands.
The NISD is diving with about 150 people every month, including professionals and beginners," says Nasser Saidi, the manager of the NISD, who also doubles as an instructor.
Henri Abdel Jalil, 23, a part-time NISD instructor and a marketing major at Notre Dame University in Beirut, stresses that "the divers can focus on their air consumption and focus more on technical details without distraction.
The NISD notes that Lebanon is benefiting from an up-tick of interest in diving by tourists from around the world.
Development of the NISD system has been evolving since the 1980s, after initial implementation of the Comprehensive Guidance Program (NISD, 1985; see also Gysbers & Henderson, 2006).
NISD required a modular system comprised of network video surveillance, access control, alarm monitoring, and badging identification.
The NISD system will be scaled up to the 10 largest facilities with more expected in the coming months.
Mason's presentation provides an opportunity to highlight one of the valuable contributions that the NISD community can bring to our students," stated Joe Ward, NISD resident statistician and active ASA member.
Tenders are invited for Routine Maintenance Of Fire Alarm System in connection with Running Maintenance Of FAS installed at DDE Centre of ORGI, 1st and SF, Wing, WB-I, ND Running Maintenance Of FAS installed at Office of NISD, Wing No.
NISD (a joint venture company owned by Nissan and IBM Japan), granting NISD the right to distribute I-DEAS Master Series as part of the Nissan software system called RAlpha CADS to Nissan suppliers in Japan