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NiSeNickel Selenide (chemical compound)
NISENCCOSC In-Service Engineering
NISENaval In-Service Engineering
NISENetwork Installation Service Engineer
NISENanoscale Informal Science Education (Network)
NISENaval Innovative Science and Engineering (US Navy)
NISENational Institute for Science Education
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Featuring the fifth generation Intel Core processors, the NISE 3720 series fulfills these new demands with a low power envelope, enabling data-driven decision making while delivering high system performance and high reliability.
0, the NISE 3500 fan-less PC enables remote networking manageability for fast monitoring, troubleshooting and communication, offering cost-saving advantages for both embedded equipment manufacturers and IT enterprises.
Verskaf inligting--Daar behoort by elke NISE 'n inligtingsentrum met artikels, boeke en foto's van premature babas ingerig te word, aangevul met gereelde inligtingsessies waarby medici, verpleegpersoneel, huidige en vorige ouers betrek kan word.
Nise Murasaki inaka Genji, in which Tanebiko transposed the events and characters of the Tale of Genji to the Muromachi shogunate, began appearing in 1829.
Featuring 5th generation Intel Core processors, the NISE 3720 series industrial IoT gateways and controllers support big SCADA applications with high performance computing, graphics conversion, video transcoding, Ultra HD 4K display, fieldbus communication, and Wi-Fi/3G/LTE capabilities.
NISE 3140M is compliant with EN60601-1, a standard for medical grade computer; Hence, it is made for a variety of healthcare computing applications.
He quickly transfers his affections to the disdainful intellectual Nise (Katie Lightfoot), who is in love with Laurentio, one of three suitors.
Cloud Computing: A boon for SMBs - L S Subramanian, Founder, NISE India
Those who delivered lectures included Principal NISE and an expert and author on Autism, Mrs.
Once again Nise provides readers with an up-to-date resource for analyzing and designing real-world feedback control systems.
Tenders are invited for Providing Consultancy Services For Construction Of Residential And Hostel Building For Nise At Mnre Campus, Gwal Pahari,Gurgaon
Being a part of this festival, it has given me a good understanding of what Sekrenyi is all about and what I have seen is so vibrant that I am proud to be associated with something like this," Nise, a visitor.