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NISINinety Six National Historic Site (US National Park Service)
NISINational Industry Skills Initiative (Australia)
NISINorthwest Information Systems, Inc. (Kirkland, WA)
NISINational Investment Services, Inc. (Chicago, IL)
NISINative Inspection Services Initiative (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp.)
NISINetwork and Information System Integration
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Nichil quasi aliud egi nisi ut animi mei status, vel siquid aliud nossem, notum fieret amicis; probabatur enim michi quod prima ad fratrem epystola Cicero idem ait, esse <<epystole proprium, ut is ad quean scribitur de his rebus quas ignorat certior fiat>>.
There's also good chemistry between newcomer Desselle and the beautiful Berry, though the latter may come off as too intelligent and refined to play a crass character (in the early scenes, Nisi flaunts a huge blond hairdo and gold teeth).
A spokesman for the singer had announced that a decree nisi had been granted - more than an hour before the court hearing began.
Petitioner and witness bore out counsel's opening, and the solicitor's clerk, who served the citation, said Long told him they were to have been married the very day he was served Decree Nisi with custody of the child of the marriage.
And a decree nisi is not a final divorce, it means the court will have concluded they are entitled to a divorce.
QUICKIE DIVORCE Cheryl and Ashley Cole have been granted a decree nisi
By May 13, she had her decree nisi and Eckerman was ordered to pay her costs.
The Chaplain took as his theme Everton's motto "Nil Satis Nisi Optimum" - only the best is good enough, and described how he had applied this to the chaplaincy work for Everton.
District Judge Hilary Bradley pronounced decrees nisi and said both parties had cross-petitioned on the grounds of unreasonable behaviour.
The project is run with support of Film Makers' Union of Russia and the Russian Ministry of Culture, as well as support of the European Network of Young Cinema NISI MASA.
The couple ended their two-year marriage at London's High Court on July 16, when a judge granted the couple a decree nisi after Winehouse admitted adultery.
The US singer - who was granted a decree nisi in her divorce from Guy just over a week ago - has reportedly made plans to get rid of love tokens given to her by the film director and changed the answer phone message at the house they once shared.