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NISPNational Industrial Security Program
NISPNational Industrial Symbiosis Programme (UK)
NISPNeutron Instrument Simulation Package
NISPNational Individual Security Program
NISPNutrition Services Incentive Program (formerly Nutrition Program for the Elderly)
NISPNuclear Information Systems Project (United Kingdom)
NISPNetwork Information Service Plus (extension of NIS)
NISPNUWEP Intelligence Support Plan (US DoD)
NISPNavy Integrated Space Program
NISPNo Immediate State Prison (criminal justice)
NISPNumber of Individual Specimens (also seen as Number of Identified Specimens)
NISPNumber of Identified Specimens (also seen as Number of Individual Specimens)
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While putting together the second NISP, I request policymakers to consider the following recommendations: one, despite appointing a national security adviser, establishing a National Security Division, the National Security Committee has failed to come up with a comprehensive national security policy.
The minister also said that ownership and participation of key government departments and key state institutions and broader civil society was critical to the success and implementation of the NISP.
Singapore-based insurance provider, Great Eastern Life, has signed a bancassurance deal with OCBC NISP in Indonesia.
Peter Edgar, from NISP Connect, explained: "Having secured their place in the final, these companies are on a journey to creating a business which has global commercial potential.
The support of Copeland and NISP was key to improving material conditions onboard Essex.
The PML (N) government knowing well that a considerable time is required to achieve some tangible results out of NISP, greatly emphasized on negotiations with the Taliban.
In 18 months, the NISP programme diverted more than half a million tonnes of waste from landfill sites in the UK.
NISP helped a foam factory in Dudley find use for its offcuts, to make into rubble sacks, which generated pounds 35,000 cost saving, diverted 4,200 cubic metres of foam from landfill and created one job.
Overall, roughly 9% of the fish sample could be identified to a lower taxonomic level yielding a NISP of 2604 specimens.
We want to make business aware of the opportunities around disposing their food waste," said Christine Parry, project manager for NISP.
The NISP requires a corporation maintaining a facility security clearance take steps to mitigate foreign ownership, control or influence.