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NISSNSC (Nuclear Suppliers Group) Information Sharing System
NISSNational Institute of Statistical Sciences
NISSNew ICMI Study Series (International Commission on Mathematical Instruction)
NISSNational Independent Statistical Service
NISSNuméro d'Identification Sécurité Sociale (Belgian Social Security Identification Number)
NISSNational ITV Satellite Schedule
NISSNetwork and Information Security Services
NISSNational Industrial Security System (Department of Defense)
NISSNational Institute of Space Sciences
NISSNuclear Information Suppliers System
NISSNode-Inclusive Span Survivability
NISSNonimmigrant Information System
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He said NISS pays special attention to the family and the community at large.
After two weeks from his arrest, the NISS heard rumours from social media sites that he was being tortured and they called his family to come see him.
The NISS is responsible for internal security in Sudan, but critics say that as well as torture, it is behind a campaign against freedom of expression.
Families are often threatened and harassed by NISS agents to put further emotional pressure on the victim," Amnesty said, adding that, "Women have also been harassed and intimidated by law enforcement agents and the NISS, and sexually assaulted while in their custody.
NISS is dedicated to strengthening and serving the national statistics community, most notably by catalyzing community members' participation in applied research driven by challenges facing government and industry.
From advanced laparoscopic surgery, to colorectal, breast or endocrine surgery, as well as trauma, the surgeons at NISS are leading experts in their field.
Mirghani stressed the NISS move aims to inflict financial losses upon Al-Tayyar but he refrained from the revealing the actual figure of losses during the past period in order not to negatively affect the morale of the newspaper' staff.
NISS information department head has also welcomed the organization of a workshop on the role of the media in cementing the security of the society which will be run by the Journalists Union at its head office next Sunday and in which participate the Ministry of Information, the National Council for Press and Publication, academic experts and lawmen, as well as publishers, editors in chiefs and columnists, with the view to reach radical solutions for the publishing violations on issues that undermine social security and peace.
The NISS recently foiled two protests announced by the opposition groups and activists in the social media.
Also, the family declared its uncompromising refusal to transfer Nugdallah for treatment in any NISS medical facility and stressed on her right to choose where to receive treatment.
Last January, the NISS confiscated Al-Jarida several times for the refusal of its editor to abide by an oral directive to not cover the protests.
Another NISS force at the same time arrested the spokesperson for the Sudan Call Forces, Mohammed Farouk, at his home," added the opposition coalition against austerity measures, describing their arrest "as a punishment for peaceful protests against hunger".