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NISSENational Institute for the Social Security of the Self=Employed (Leuven, Belgium)
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It means that Cafe Nisse customers and TechHub businesses can now begin making payments using the internet's virtual currency.
Specifically, as Nisse points out, each citizen contributes an individualized reading of the prophecies concerning Jesus.
This year's Cal Poly team consists of Brenae Costa, Andrea Ho, Amy Laun, Deirdre Miller and Nisse Noble.
The scale relationships between Santa and butt plug, even the jumbo, family-size version, are such that Santa becomes a madly adorable garden troll, a Christmas gnome, a Scandinavian Yule Nisse.
Trolls, elves, huldrer, tomte, nisse and other mischievous characters were everyday companions to Scandinavian farm families of my generation.
Nisse Johansson is available again after suspension.
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Lampert demonstrates, with reference to the work of Ruth Nisse, ways in which Lollards and the orthodox clergy both associate their opponents with Jews.
But it's strange no one's noticed them here before,' comments marine ecologist Nisse Goldherg.
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