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NISSINational Institute for Social Science Information (Chicago, IL)
NISSINational Institute of State Statistics and Information (Turkmenistan)
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This matter is banned by law," Nissi told a news conference held by the Catholic schools' parents committee on the eve of Wednesday's strike.
The group went to Agia Napa, to check out famous beaches Makronissos, Landa and Nissi beaches; before heading back to Larnaka for an evening departure back to Dubai.
The most popular of these beaches is Nissi beach which is visited mainly by younger people in the summer and gets quite crowded.
In 2004, Nissi Luvavali was born in Sarasota with hypoplastic left heart syndrome--an undersized lower ventricle choking off his body's supply of oxygenated blood.
The Patriarch also received a delegation of Cedars Revolution National Council, presided by Engineer Tony Nissi.
In western Arunachal Pradesh the main tribes are the Nissi (Nishi or dafla), Sulung, Sherdukpen, Aka, Monpa, Apa Tani, and Hill Miri.
The paradox of Neu5Gc accumulating in human tumours in the face of circulating antibodies suggested that a low-grade, chronic inflammation actually facilitated the tumor growth, so we set out to study that hypothesis," said co-author Nissi M.
Alongside obvious religious travel suppliers such as the tourism ministries of Egypt, Greece, Cyprus, Jordan, Palestine, and Israel, are those with a less overt connection, such as: EcoAndes Travel, Ecuador (Adventure tours in South America) Nissi Holidays, Uganda; Cordial Tours and Travel Services, Tanzania (Africa safari operators); Romanian Tourist Office; Korea Tourism Organization; Jamaica, Bermuda and Bahamas Ministry of Tourism; Condor Verde Travel (Mexico and Venezuela).
Later they will collapse in the afternoon sun at Nissi beach, building up energy for another night of partying.
During her career, she has played alongside EZ and Artful Dodger and has been a regular fixture at the Insomnia after-party and the Nissi Bay
Nisson Spivak, the Nissi Belzer, (1824-1906) was one of the leading synagogue figures in Eastern Europe in the middle of the 19th century.
Next it was on to the Adams Beach Hotel, located in Nissi Bay, in the resort of Ayia Napa on the southeastern coast of Cyprus.