NITAGNational Immunization Technical Advisory Group (various nations)
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The SIVAC (Supporting Independent Immunization and Vaccine Advisory Committees) Initiative, implemented by the Agence de Medecine Preventive (AMP) in partnership with the International Vaccine Institute (IVI), played an important role in the creation of the NITAG.
The first meeting of the Mongolian NITAG aimed to revise technical guidelines and to clarify membership issues.
This NITAG is a very important step towards country ownership of important health issues," said Dr.
Dinara Saginbayeva, issued a decree establishing a NITAG to ensure that national immunization policies are developed using evidence-based processes.
SIVAC has supported the creation of NITAGs in C te d'Ivoire, Mozambique, and Mongolia.
The Initiative aims to support the creation or strengthening of sustainable NITAGs in low- and middle-income countries.