NITDNovartis Institute for Tropical Diseases (Singapore)
NITDNational Institute of Technology, Durgapur (India)
NITDNational Institute for Tropical Diseases (University of Natal; KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa)
NITDNational Industrial Technology Development (Korea)
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Under the collaboration, the NITD and the TB Alliance will share information on new and ongoing TB drug discovery projects.
We are confident our collaboration with NITD will not only produce promising anti-TB drug candidates, but will serve as an industry model in combining resources, expertise and willpower to tackle one of the greatest public health threats of our time.
The new collaboration supports the overall mission of both the NITD and the TB Alliance, as they are committed to improving access to medicines and helping reduce the overall global TB disease burden.
The NITD relies on establishing key partnerships to augment its research activities and recognizes the importance of such partnerships, such as the TB Alliance, to help support the advancement of drug discovery for neglected disease under its not-for-profit mission statement.
NITD is aiming to have at least two compounds in clinical trials by 2008, and one novel compound available to patients by 2012.
This undertaking is tangible proof of our commitment and demonstrates the vision inherent to the NITD," said Dr.
The NITD will design, synthesize and optimize a series of nitroimidazopyran analogs for TB indication, tapping its broad medicinal chemistry expertise, know-how and biological evaluation capacity.
The NITD is a unique research institute dedicated to reducing the affliction of tropical diseases through the application of Novartis' leading edge drug discovery skills," said Professor Paul Herrling, Chairman of the Board of the NITD, and Head of Corporate Research at Novartis.
The discovery technology available at NITD is state-of-the-art and the scope of its activities ranges from target discovery and screen development, to compound optimisation, resulting in potential treatments ready for clinical testing.
The NITD is located in the 2 million square feet Biopolis research complex, an integrated biomedical research hub located in Singapore.
Our partnership with Novartis through the establishment of the NITD is one example of how we are moving towards that goal.
The NITD is directed by Professor Alex Matter who is supported by a strong scientific advisory board.