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NITFNational Imagery Transmission Format
NITFNews Industry Text Format (XML Format; International Press Telecommunications Council)
NITFNational Implementation Task Force (Malaysia)
NITFNational Insurance Task Force
NITFNuclear Instrument Test Facility
NITFNational Imagery Test Facility
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The procurement and support of euipment to ingest RAW STANAG 7023 data from RAPTOR pod Removal Memory Modules (RMM) and output imagery in NITF 2.
In addition, the Namibia Computer, Communications & Office Equipment Exhibition, AITEC, is also being held this year as part of NITF 94.
In addition, users can now serve their NITF imagery directly through the Express Server 6.
The Paragon engineering team specializes in NITF (National Imagery Transmission Format) and complies with a range of Department of Defense certifications.
5 has many new and enhanced features, including: XML catalog support, enhanced UNICODE symbol manipulation, rapid development XSL template library, basic XHTML support, and out-of-box support for NITF (News Industry Text Format), Docbook 4.
Like all of the council's XML-based standards, NITF is regularly reviewed and updated to ensure compliance with the latest XML developments.
Information on all IPTC standards such as the family of G2-Standards - NewsML-G2, EventsML-G2 and SportsML-G2 -, NewsML 1, NITF, IIM, the Photo Metadata standards and the NewsCodes together with a list of existing members and information on how to join is available at http://www.
As a major force in news standards for nearly 40 years, IPTC presented its latest versions of NewsML, NITF and SportsML -- standards that are already in use by major news agencies around the world.
These standards cover news exchange formats like IPTC7901, IIM, NITF, NewsML and SportsML, metadata container schemas like the "IPTC Core" as well as metadata taxonomies like the Subject NewsCodes.
In addition, the Annual General Meeting of the IPTC, whose members include major news agencies and news providers worldwide, approved updated versions of the NewsML-G2, EventsML-G2 and NITF standards to enhance business-to-business news exchange.
Information on all IPTC standards such as the family of G2-standards, SportsML, NewsML 1, NITF, the Photo Metadata standards plus the NewsCodes vocabularies and in future ACAP, together with a list of existing members and information on how to join, is available at http://www.
Convened by the Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation in 1994, NITF works to develop partnerships between the insurance industry and community-based organizations.