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NITHNorges Informasjonsteknologiske Høgskole
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A hospital spokeswoman said:"Three people were seen by the emergency department team in the early hours of Saturday morning having been in the River Nith in Dumfries.
Ian Anderson, Dumfries fire station manager, said: "It appears the girl had been cycling but went off the path and down into the River Nith along with her cycle.
UEM will now construct J-hook vanes at three locations in the Nith River; reconstruct a 50-metre section of Railway Lane; reconstruct a 75-metre section of Railway Street, and offer ongoing monitoring of the slope.
Many asked about the buildings and steeples that could be seen on the skyline on the Whitesands side of the River Nith.
Kathy Ballantyne suggested that the county could turn a five-acre tract of county-owned land along the northernmost tip of the Nith Peninsula into a future riverside cemetery.
WHEN they first met in a wee cafe on the banks of the Nith, they were just 12 people who fancied a singalong.
The county's planning committee has recommended that major development proposed for Paris' Nith Peninsula be put on hold for at least several years.
Bu farw nith arall iddo, Rhiannon Griffiths, oedd yn byw ym Nhynygroes, Conwy, ddechrau Mawrth.
Anyone interested in taking part in the Dumfries competition can collect line drawings from the Ottersburn Gallery in Nith Avenue.
Mae Endaf yn gwadu ei bod yn gyfrifol am lofruddiaeth ei nith Anna.
We are working closely with the Tharaka Nith water board in making sure that the donor sponsored projects are completed on time so that our people can benefit more,' he said.
It was only when Stuart, 63, heard the commotion at the River Nith, in Dumfries town centre, that he ignored police warnings, jumped in and grabbed the girl.