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NITINOLNickel-Titanium/Naval Ordnance Laboratory (shape memory wire)
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Vascotube complements our capabilities to include precision nitinol tube drawing," said Brian Highley, CEO of Cirtec.
Taylor and Jacob Lubliner they are studied behavior of supereleasticity effect of NiTinol wire size 1.
The global nitinol medical devices market segmentation is based on raw materials (nitinol wires, nitinol tubing, etc.
We've developed a new process that allows us to apply high-temperature-curing fluoropolymer coatings, such as PTFE, to Nitinol in their pure form," explained Garcia.
La mayor deformacion promedio en la zona de activacion constante la obtuvo el grupo Nitinol Tecnident con 14,5 + 0,91 %, mientras que el menor valor fue obtenido por el grupo Nitinol GAC con 11,17 + 0,91 % (Fig.
I immediately saw the promise that thin-film Nitinol had for intravascular and cardiac applications," said Dr.
Anil Chhabra, MD, Willis Knighton Medical Center in Shreveport, LA performed the first carotid case with the PRECISE(R) RX Nitinol Self-Expanding Stent and ANGIOGUARD(R) RX Emboli Capture Guidewire System in the United States.
Morphing fasteners are produced with alloys like nitinol, a shape-memory material, to place or withdraw the catch portion of the locking mechanism.
High heat-resistant PTFE coated stainless steel or nitinol forming mandrels for manufacturing small diameter extruded tubing and formed rubber bladders are available from Applied Plastics Co.
Recently, the use of Nitinol stents in cardiovascular surgical procedures has gained wide popularity, in a surgical procedure, a thin stent is placed in a narrowed artery where it expands and dilates the artery.
Where the stainless steel wire lost tension during the simulation, the Nitinol kept a continuous pull.
Among the advantages of the system, according to Reed and Jones, are "alloy homogenization and flexibility, coupled with a nonceramic crucible, lends itself extremely well to the production of rather exotic alloys such as titanium aluminides, nitinol shape memory alloys and various other reactive metals.