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NITINOLNickel-Titanium/Naval Ordnance Laboratory (shape memory wire)
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We are continuing to focus resources on expanding products and the uses of Nitinol implants in hand and wrist procedures," said Keith M.
I immediately saw the promise that thin-film Nitinol had for intravascular and cardiac applications," said Dr.
Anil Chhabra, MD, Willis Knighton Medical Center in Shreveport, LA performed the first carotid case with the PRECISE(R) RX Nitinol Self-Expanding Stent and ANGIOGUARD(R) RX Emboli Capture Guidewire System in the United States.
Nitinol, if it is stretched before being wrapped around a fractured bone, resists loosening because it remembers its original shape.
Focused on the medical field, NDC provides manufacturing, research, development, regulatory and technical support on all aspects of Nitinol memory and superelastic Nitinol products.
We've developed a new process that allows us to apply high-temperature-curing fluoropolymer coatings, such as PTFE, to nitinol in their pure form," explained Don Garcia, director of research and development for Boyd Coatings.
Nitinol Services: As the largest contract manufacturer of Nitinol based implants, we utilize validated processes and testing services that support our laser machining, Swiss turning, EDM, shape setting, electropolishing, and automated inspection of super elastic and shape-memory Nitinol.
The Nitinol material gives the basket the additional advantage of the ultimate flexibility to move easily and safely toward to the stone - even in patients with difficult anatomy.
The concrete used in the bridge was reinforced with "smart" nickel titanium - Nitinol - a "shape-memory" alloy commonly used in bendable spectacle frames.
R) nitinol self-expandable stent for the treatment of obstructive superficial femoral artery disease and published recently in the Journal of Endovascular Therapy(1), show that the bare S.
Papers are in sections on nitinol fatigue, laser technologies for manufacturing medical devices, surface engineering, nitinol properties and manufacture, numerical modeling, nano- and microfabricated structures, and mechanical and physical properties of medical devices.
Increased Length of Nitinol Reinforced Section Allows for Access to Deeper Vessels, Extends Landing-Zone Positioning Options