NITLNational Industrial Transportation League
NITLNational Institute for Transport and Logistics (Dublin, Ireland)
NITLNational Investment Trust Limited (various locations)
NITLNot In This Lifetime
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This is a very small amount of information given that the book has over 500 pages, and given that the NITL (2005) regards the teaching of reading as the prime objective of teacher education courses.
Under the NITL proposal, the freight rail industry could lose about 13 percent of its annual net income roughly equivalent to what the industry spent in 2010 on capacity expansion projects designed to benefit all shippers.
While referring to the results of NIT-SEF for the year ended June 30, 2011, the MD-NIT stated that NITL has declared a bonus @ 23% on the face value of Rs.
This belief was my driving force when, in 2002, as chairman of The National Industrial Transportation League, I worked for the agreement whereby AST&L became a separate entity of NITL.
Manzoor Ahmed, MD-NIT further stated that NITL has repaid the entire loan of Rs17.
Manzoor Ahmed in a press release issued by NITL after its Board of Directors approved the half-yearly accounts of all Funds under its management.
Khoja informed that during the year NITL has repaid Rs.
5 billion, NITL successfully launched NIT Government Bond Fund on November 20, 2009.
The concessions the FMC received from the TACA in March of 1995 were considered by the NITL as insignificant.